Biography DJ A. Myllykoski
Aleksi Myllykoski started his musical career in the late eighties as a young boy with a passion for music as well as a dream of becoming a professional DJ one day. This passion turned into Aleksi’s career in 1996. Aleksi has been a professional DJ for ten years in his homebase, Helsinki, the capital of Finland. He has played in the most important venues in the city including Rose Garden, sOda, Kerma, mBar and Mother, just to name a few.

There is no correct word to describe Aleksi’s musical style. He plays a wide variety of music from soulful jazz to artful electro. He can spin funky tunes as well as uplifting house monsters. The basic rule is ‘Everything goes’, but there is always quality and personal feeling in the music he plays and style with which he plays it. Over the last few years Aleksi has played a lot of DJ gigs incorporating live musicians, singers and even with bands.

During 2002 and 2003 he created a club designed to combine DJ and live acts in an uplifting musical experience through the whole glorious Finnish summertime. Reflecting the good vibes of the music the Club was called “Sun Sessions” and was held in one of Helsinki’s most stylish, biggest and most popular venues Teatteri, where Aleksi and his long-time collaborator and friend DJ Spoogy has been resident DJ for almost 6 years.

Between 2001-2003 Aleksi also launched a project in Kiasma, the museum of contemporary art of Finland in central Helsinki with Tuukka Luukas. Called “DJ Kitchen”, the idea of the Club was to give a chance to Finnish celebrities to be a DJ. The idea was also to put music in a space where it truly belongs. Music is art and when music is played in a modern way as Aleksi does in his DJ sets, it truly belongs in the museum of contemporary art. In DJ Kitchen’s short history it presented the music taste of many Finnish celebrities and the cream of the art world, like rock legend Remu Aaltonen, actor Martti Suosalo, former member of the Finnish parliament and jazz musician Claes Anderson, and performance artist Roi Vaara, amongst others. DJ Kitchen’s musical basic style was modern jazz.

In the summer of 2004 DJ Aleksi started his chill-out Sunday club called “Sunblock” in restaurant Oasis. In 2005 the name “Sunblock” was changed into “Söndag” but the idea remains the same. “Söndag” is an admission free summer club on the restaurant’s terrace: enjoying a beautiful view to the sea, a laid-back crowd basks in the warm sounds Aleksi and his like-minded guest DJ’s play, covering everything from hip-hop, soul, deep house to jazz and drum and bass all designed to make you relax and smile. In the clubs two summer season history it has become the most popular place to unwind on a Sunday and has been visited by many of Finland’s top DJ’s including Lil’ Tony and Bunuel. Club “Söndag” will be back in summer 2006 in Oasis.

Alongside his busy schedule with his various side projects running his own events in different locations in Helsinki Aleksi still finds the time to continue his residency in Teatteri. His current focus is on his Wednesday night club “Shift” in Rose Garden, an underground haven for Helsinki’s club scene. “Shift” has hosted some great acts such as Dalindeo and Teddy Rok Four with more great actsa booked for upcoming events. The musical style of this event, which Aleksi uses to push his more underground style was originally split into two difference rooms. Today, by popular demand Shift harnesses the power of one big room and the sound is pure tech-house. In addition to established and new DJ names the club features live acts in both rooms.

Showing the diversity of Aleksi’s musical tastes and talents, his latest project, which is in the panning stages, will be called “Release” in Oasis. Alongside Aleksi “Release” will feature Physics and D-Bex all playing purely laidback drum and bass. It is planned that “Release” will start in spring 2006 and in the beginning it will be a venue for world-famous drum and bass DJ’s and the place for Finnish drum and bass headz to hear the latest tracks.

Not content with simply DJing for a living Aleksi has also created the musical profile for many Helsinki nightspots. Famous restaurants in Helsinki like Teatteri, Simone, Oasis, Mbar, Töölönranta, Kellarikrouvi, Loiste, Michelle, Piano and Baker’s all features the sounds and styles hand-picked by Aleksi.

Chances are that if you go out in Helsinki, whilst you may not know it, you will be listening to music in which Aleksi Myllykoski has had a hand. Check him out at one of his many nights around the city.

In future we trust!!!